Friday, August 20, 2010

Lemon Andersen x Rik Cordero’s “Welcome To The Imperial”


Welcome To The Imperial – Lemon Andersen x Rik Cordero
A crowd sourced creative collaboration series by Lemon Andersen and Rik Cordero
Welcome To The Imperial” is a 1-minute viral video from Brooklyn born spoken word poet and actor, Lemon Andersen and Queens-bred filmmaker, Rik Cordero to the millions of New York City basketball fans. It features a mixture of Rik’s eye for iconic New York City sights and faces seamlessly combined with the richness of Lemon’s poetry. In essence, the Big Apple exerts a powerful influence over those who live here and those who play here. Welcome To The Imperial…
“…It represents two artists on their way to the throne. It’s Majestic. It’s us. Now when you hear “Welcome To The Imperial” you will hear our stamp.” – Lemon

“…What we’ve done only scratches the surface of what Lemon and I are capable of but ultimately we achieved our goal with Imperial: to visually capture the essence and magic and complexity of New York City.” – Rik