Friday, August 20, 2010

Lemon Andersen x Rik Cordero’s “Welcome To The Imperial”


Welcome To The Imperial – Lemon Andersen x Rik Cordero
A crowd sourced creative collaboration series by Lemon Andersen and Rik Cordero
Welcome To The Imperial” is a 1-minute viral video from Brooklyn born spoken word poet and actor, Lemon Andersen and Queens-bred filmmaker, Rik Cordero to the millions of New York City basketball fans. It features a mixture of Rik’s eye for iconic New York City sights and faces seamlessly combined with the richness of Lemon’s poetry. In essence, the Big Apple exerts a powerful influence over those who live here and those who play here. Welcome To The Imperial…
“…It represents two artists on their way to the throne. It’s Majestic. It’s us. Now when you hear “Welcome To The Imperial” you will hear our stamp.” – Lemon

“…What we’ve done only scratches the surface of what Lemon and I are capable of but ultimately we achieved our goal with Imperial: to visually capture the essence and magic and complexity of New York City.” – Rik

Jay Leno meets the Porsche 918 Spyder


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Scottie Pippen & The Mailman

Congrats to Scottie, The Mailman, Dennis Johnson and The Original Dream Team for their induction into the Basketball Hall Of Fame this weekend... a look at Pip and Mailman's great speeches + more...

...and an extra look back at the G.O.A.T. and his speech. You can still sense the 'I can still school all y'all mothafckas x2' in his voice. This is why he was the greatest. The fiercest individual leader in the history of team sports. Really miss his era of basketball, and all the players he played against. I could post YouTube clips of MJ highlights all day...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Realest Hip-Hop Video Ever

yee haw lern yerselves sum hip-hop.

Johnny Spanish - Got' Damn Shame x Roll Up

Eyes on this kid. Love it when real hip-hop shows up in the most unexpected places. Kansas' got XV, Indiana's got Gangsta Gibbs, Kentucky's got Johnny Spanish...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Complex's 50 Greatest Saturday Morning Cartoons

Ah memories - Saturday morning is not what it used to be. This made me want to fix myself a bowl of Corn Pops and jump into my pj's. Pretty great list - see where your favorites rank over at

Friday, August 06, 2010

Riot !n Paris - Attack of the 5 Ft. Hipster (Video)

This is one of the dopest interactive viral music video ideas I've ever seen! Takes me back to the old Choose Your Own Adventure books I used to love as a kid... (via-Kanyeezy)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Kanye West - Power (Video)

The Social Network (Trailer)

prior to seeing this i had no idea that 1. we'd see one of our times biggest pop stars cast in this, and 2. it's directed by none other than david fincher who gave us se7en and fight club... iiiinteresting. this better be good.

Mayer Hawthorne x Nottz + Jesse Boykins III

Between recent rotations of Ricky Rosay's Teflon Don, Gangsta Gibbs' Str8 Killa No Filla, Bun B's Trill OG and the other great albums that have come out this year (i.e. Big Boi, The Roots, Em, Reflection Eternal, Erykah, Freeway & Jake One, I would even include Drake, etc), I've snuck in these worthwhile soul gems from Mayer Hawthorne/Nottz and Jesse Boykins III... who knew that this summer the tables would flip and dope full length projects would trump the big single releases.


Mayer Hawthorne on the collaboration:
I met Nottz at Nightlife’s Dilla Tribute in L.A. and we just kept in contact. I had always been a fan of Nottz since the 90s. He sent me a bunch of beats and at first I had no idea what to do with any of them, but eventually it hit me… When Nottz sent me that batch – that particular beat stood out. It had the same chord progression as the Otis Leville, so I just went with it.


Here JB covers Corrine Bailey Rae's "Closer" and puts his own unique spin on the cut
from her album The