Thursday, October 30, 2008


DAMN i wish i could be in Philly this weekend!!

Have fun and pour a Yuengling out for me my hometown homies...

The Dallas Austin Experience "Exasperated" Lo-Fi MP3

one of the most talented pop/r&b songwriter/producers in the last 15 years channels prince and george clinton on some of that next level shit we've been reaching for in our stuff... you ready?

Jay-Z x U2 “Heart Of The City” (Sunday Bloody Sunday Edition)

Jay-Z & Bono


Taken from “Heart of The City” that Jay-Z performed in Dublin back in ‘06...

Seeing as they were in U2’s territory, Green Lantern sampled “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and had Dante Hawkins sing the hook for this mash-up...

Jay-Z - Heart Of The City (Sunday Bloody Sunday Edition)

Q-Tip on A Tribe Called Quest's Body of Work

i love this kind of shit...

Go pick up Q-Tip's new album The Renaissance this tuesday 11/4, you won't be disappointed - shit is very reminiscent of that old Tribe vibe - though not exactly up to that par (could it ever be again?), it definitely flows along the same wavelength... here's a taste from two of my favorite songs on the album:

Nike "Team of Heroes"

New Guitar Hero Commercial

there's a guitar hero in every one of us...

The Foreign Exchange "Daykeeper" feat. Muhsinah (VIDEO)

one of the more artistic music videos i've seen recently especially in terms of imagery pairing in sync w/ the music... pretty dope

Musiq "If U Leave" feat. Mary J Blige (VIDEO)

had to post this because a) i'm an old school musiq fan from aijuswanaseing (or however u spell it) who won't front about having 'just friends' in heavy rotation 8 years ago in high school as i hopelessly scoped out shorties after class in the wack cavalier haha and b) mary j and musiq just are just butta soft together. great song 4sho.

Official Full Length NOTORIOUS Movie Trailer

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD (XBOX, PS3, etc)

Street Fighter
This and Wii Punch Out are definitely at the top of the wish list for 09.

 sf1.jpg sf2.jpg

New Kanye "Coldest Winter" (CDQ), "Robocop", "What It Is"

Been uber late on a buncha shit, but here we go with a slew of new posts... starting now

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Skillz "For Real" Behind The Scenes/Trailer (VIDEO)

Skillz - For Real & Wrap Up 2009 from Three/21 Films on Vimeo.

Commissioned and worked this video shoot on Monday in Brooklyn/Woodside, Queens NYC with my long lost cousin / brother-from-another-mother director extraordinaire Rik Cordero. Good times.  Was funny to finally meet Rik after repeatedly getting cases of mistaken identity at random industry events/parties.

Full video to follow, stay tuned...

Mickey Factz/Asher Roth/Curren$y/KiD CuDi/Charles Hamilton/Ace Hood - XXL The Seminar Freestyles

These kids can spit, and if you've never heard of them you will soon.  Looks like there's still hope for straightforward dope lyrics in hip-hop in the future to come.  I present to you XXL Magazine's  Top Freshmen of 2009

AJ 1 Premier Pack

I think I'm getting tired of posting kicks I can't afford to cop. So I'm doing this for the rest of you sneaker fiends.

I do think these Js are pretty damn dope though.  Always been a sucker for J's.  They have hit select Asia accounts including Shoe Planet Japan, with a US release rumored to be in November of this year.


Beyonce Album Covers / Tracklisting


Courtesy of

Here are the album covers (Sasha Fierce Edition (could you pick a more ridiculous name? i don't think so) & Deluxe Edition), tracklisting and production credits for Beyonce’s forthcoming third album, I Am…, slated to hit stores November 18th. It will be released in two formats: the standard version has 11 tracks, five pop songs and six urban while the deluxe edition will also be available featuring 17 tracks, eight pop songs and nine uptempo club tracks. The double disc will be divided between Beyonce (pop) and her alter-ego Sasha (urban).

Beyoncé Disc
1. “If I Were a Boy” (Toby Gad and Beyoncé Knowles)
2. “Halo” (Ryan Tedder and Beyoncé Knowles)
3. “Disappear” (Amanda Ghost, Dave McCracken, Ian Dench, and Beyoncé Knowles)
4. “Broken-Hearted Girl” (Stargate and Beyoncé Knowles)
5. “Ave Maria” (Stargate and Beyoncé Knowles)
6. “Smash Into You” (C. “Tricky” Stewart, Terius “The-Dream” Nash, and Beyoncé Knowles)
7. “Satellites” (Amanda Ghost, Dave McCracken, Ian Dench, and Beyoncé Knowles)
8. “That’s Why You’re Beautiful” (Andrew Hey and Beyoncé Knowles)

Sasha Disc
1. “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” (C. “Tricky” Stewart, Terius “The-Dream” Nash, and Beyoncé Knowles)
2. “Radio” (Jim Jonsin, D-Town, Rico Love, and Beyoncé Knowles)
3. “Diva” (Shondrae “Mr. Bangladesh” Crawford, Sean Garrett, and Beyoncé Knowles)
4. “Sweet Dreams” (Jim Jonsin, Wayne Wilkins, Rico Love, and Beyoncé Knowles)
5. “Video Phone” (Shondrae “Mr. Bangladesh” Crawford, Sean Garrett, and Beyoncé Knowles)
6. “Hello” (REO and Beyoncé Knowles)
7. “Ego” (Elvis “BlacElvis” Williams, Harold Lilly, and Beyoncé Knowles)
8. “Scared of Lonely” (Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins)
9. “Why Don’t You Love Me?” (Beyoncé Knowles, Solange Knowles, and Bama Boyz)

and you already know i had to put this up along with this post:

BAPE 2008 Fall/Winter Collection

I honestly thought BAPE was falling off and on their way out.  The new shit is pretty damn nice though. Too bad it costs more than anyone in their right mind is willing to spend on clothes this day in age. Available this Saturday, October 18th at Bape Hong Kong.

Bape Hong Kong
#10 Ground Floor
Queens Road, Central
Hong Kong


$3399 HKD (approximately $438 USD)

$5999 HKD (approximately $773 USD)

$5999 HKD (approximately $773 USD)

$1999 HKD (approximately $258 USD)

$2199 HKD (approximately $283 USD)

Lupe Fiasco "Accept The Troubles" (Unreleased)

DOWNLOAD MP3 - Divshare / Sharebee

Nike SB Brazil Custom Series

Kicking off the third installment of their Brazil custom series, the Nike SB camp gives three of their top pro’s another hack at designing their own signature Dunks. Following a musical theme, check out the cassette tape Fabio Cristiano model, Cezar Gordo headphone joints and Rodrigo Petersen walkman inspired Dunks. All three are limited to 480 pairs and will hit select Brazilian accounts November 13th along with matching apparel.

Source: Sneakers Br


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Love Japanese Television

chimp on segue. yes. only in japan.

assist to vinlin

KAWS Exhibition at the Gering & López Gallery

Early next month KAWS’ latest gallery show will take place in New York following a successful “Saturated” exhibition in Miami. A preview into the show features one of the exhibition’s showcases, Peril, a 68 x 86 inch acrylic on canvas. The exhibition at the Gering & López Gallery opens up on November 6th with an opening reception free to the public from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm. The show will conclude on December 23rd.

KAWS Exhibition at the Gering & López Gallery
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday | 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
730 Fifth Avenue
Between 56th and 57th Streets
New York, NY 10019
p: 646.336.7183

Friday, October 17, 2008

"Take On Me" Literal Video Version


Props to BNads on the assist

Pharrell w/ New Artist Big Sean in the Studio

Makes me want to be in the lab. right. fucking. NOW.

OH NO & Kay are Dem Damb Jacksons - Stay Hot

Madlib's brother OH NO collabs w/ Kay to form Dem Damb Jacksons.  This is the new joint "Stay Hot" below, pretty dope.

Statik Selektah - Stick To The Script

Fresh cuts from the forthcoming Statik Selektah album Stick 2 The Script, out October 21st... album sounds like it might be a solid sleeper pick not to pass up at the end of the year.


T.I. feat. Akon - Hero (w/ Drops)

Stay tuned for the CDQ  non-drop version...

Sean C, LV & D. Dot on Their Last Days w/ B.I.G.

Chris Brown feat. Keri Hilson - Superhuman (VIDEO)

My wifey Keri Hilson cheating on me with C Breezy damn that's cold..

Coldplay - Lost+ feat. Jay-Z

Pharrell as Busta Rhymes, Backstage w/ DJ Premier talking Classic Records

props to e2e on the assist

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Return of Slim Shady

He's baaaaack.... no really.  He's back.  

Em is a monster on this 2 min teaser track, it's definitely official.  Reminds me of when he was still hungry and consistently spit insane, inspired rewind-that-what-did-he-just-say type flows - pre-Slim Shady EP, during the Rawkus/Scam/Royce 5'9'' collab days, or even that verse we all love on Hova's "Renegade."  New album Relapse coming soon.

Kanye West "Heartless" (Unmastered)

Yeezy premiered this and other tracks from 808s and Heartbreak in LA this past tuesday among eager press, celebrities, and... 40 nekkid models?

Nike x KAWS Air Max 90s

Damn you recession.

Damon Soule "Amused Loon" NYC Exhibit

Open until November 15th at:
Joshua Liner Gallery
548 W. 28th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10001

Apple Macbooks - The Next Generation

- aluminum shell
- black glass display and keyboard
- fully clickable trackpad
- Nvidia graphis card
- 5 hour battery life (doubt it though)
- LED back-lite screen
- comes in 13'' and 15'' sizes (that's what she said)

2.0Ghz/160GB HD/2BG RAM/Superdrive = $1299
2.4Ghz/250GB HD yadda yadda = $1599

Older Macbooks now $999

I hate you Steve Jobs why must you do this to us. This is Madness!

This is Apple!

Nike Football "Fate" Commercial

My favorite commercial right now.  Shit is a movie, amazing.

Now I only wish LT would get me some freaking real LT fantasy points. Sigh.

Directed by David Fincher (Fight Club, Seven)

Jazzanova feat. Phonte "Look What You're Doin' To Me"

Great song to mellow out to... anything Phonte / Little Brother-related, always Fresh P approved. 

HELLZ x Nooka Zoo

Via-Hypebeast - click through for more info

50 Cent: Money And The Power (TV Show Trailer)

Interesting concept.  Hope the actual show is as good as the trailer... lol @ 'i can do this!' at about 1:45, wait for ittt wait for ittt.

Busta Rhymes "World Go Round" (Clean)

ROSO at Clark Shoes Headquarters in South England

Visit Kanye's blog for more details and pics.  Pretty amazing..

Ne-Yo "Real Thing"

DJ Clark Kent on Being Fresh

Great interview from one of the most important DJ's in hip-hop, who helped break the careers of many a legendary figure, Jay-Z and B.I.G. to name a couple, you might have heard of them...  he talks about kicks in the beginning but goes into some great stories about being at the crux of the last truly great era of talent in hip-hop that we have yet to see matched to date.

Anthony Hamilton feat. David Banner "Cool" (VIDEO)

Anthony Hamilton is the man.

Anthony Hamilton "Do You Feel Me"

From a favorite scene in American Gangster... incredible song always in regular rotation fo sho.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday Triple Play 10.14.08

So in honor of my Philadelphia Phillies who are now up 3-1 on the Dodgers and 1 game away from our first World Series in 15 years (4sho!), here's a Tuesday Triple Play of goods for you since the man (or a glitch) seems to have taken down this past weekend's batch - if you missed Saturday's re-up download the ZIP file HERE. Lezz go...

Ciara - Echo (Prod. by Danjahandz) (Mastered and NO CLEARANCE DROP!) - beat is still insane

Good to see these guys collab again after classic club favorites "Superthug" and "Nothin." lezz go. their forthcoming re-release Separate But Equal (Drama Free Edition).  Add'l beats by Khrisis, illmind, The Kreators and Young Cee.  Appearances by Mos Def, Chaundon, L.E.G.A.C.Y., Skyzoo, Supastition, Darrien Brockington,  and Joe Scudda + more

Grab the original Separate But Equal mixtape here Hosted by DJ Drama, it's dope

Nike Snowboarding Launch

I absolutely do not need a new pair of boots and I'm not sure if I would need these in particular, but Nike's launch of their new Snowboarding division this month is my excuse for a post on boarding. I'm so excited for this season - for one thing it'll be the first real test of my right leg which I had surgery on a couple months short of a year ago to repair a fully ruptured achilles. Hard to believe it was that long ago when I was bound to my crutches looking like this:

This is me on my first double-dosage of 4 vicodin, immediately after I regained feeling in my leg over 24 hrs post-op (which had to have been a record according to my anesthesiologist - usually it only takes about 6 hrs). Before the vicodin it felt like satan was eating my leg for dinner.  Yea pills.

I'll save you from pics of my battle wound and massive, guitar-pick scab clumps even though I'm definitely one of those people who have fun showing stuff like that. haha. Flashback tangents aside, really can't f'n wait to hit the slopes and go boarding again, Dr says I'm months ahead of schedule in recovery so hopefully I'll be fine.

Anyway back to the regularly scheduled post. Visit Nike Snowboarding if you're interested in their newly launched division. Should be interesting to see how it will compete over the next few years with Burton and the other big dogs, if it'll take over as big a market share as Nike SB did in the skate world.

See more of the October 2008 releases including the Zoom Force 1 Boot in men's (classic/clean/aiight) and womens (sorta fugly) at Highsnobiety

Koralie and Fafi in Brooklyn, NYC

Koralie and Fafi, the famed French Graffiti duo have tagged up this fence in Brooklyn continuing the recent stretch of great urban contemporary art found in the streets of New York City.

Recent NYC Urban Art Posts:

Osang Gwon x Keane

As part of the latest album release from Keane, the British rock band partnered with innovative sculptor Osang Gwon to create part of the artwork for their Perfect Symmetry album. Osang Gwon’s style which began approximately 10 years ago enlisted a painstaking method of utilizing photography along with Styrofoam sculpture to bring together the 2-D world of photography with that of the 3-D world of sculptures. Each member of the band is photographed through numerous angles and from there the images are pieced back together to create a sculpture which offers an interesting vision of the real-life versions of each band member. A short interview can also be seen at regarding the process and time commitments.