Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nike Snowboarding Launch

I absolutely do not need a new pair of boots and I'm not sure if I would need these in particular, but Nike's launch of their new Snowboarding division this month is my excuse for a post on boarding. I'm so excited for this season - for one thing it'll be the first real test of my right leg which I had surgery on a couple months short of a year ago to repair a fully ruptured achilles. Hard to believe it was that long ago when I was bound to my crutches looking like this:

This is me on my first double-dosage of 4 vicodin, immediately after I regained feeling in my leg over 24 hrs post-op (which had to have been a record according to my anesthesiologist - usually it only takes about 6 hrs). Before the vicodin it felt like satan was eating my leg for dinner.  Yea pills.

I'll save you from pics of my battle wound and massive, guitar-pick scab clumps even though I'm definitely one of those people who have fun showing stuff like that. haha. Flashback tangents aside, really can't f'n wait to hit the slopes and go boarding again, Dr says I'm months ahead of schedule in recovery so hopefully I'll be fine.

Anyway back to the regularly scheduled post. Visit Nike Snowboarding if you're interested in their newly launched division. Should be interesting to see how it will compete over the next few years with Burton and the other big dogs, if it'll take over as big a market share as Nike SB did in the skate world.

See more of the October 2008 releases including the Zoom Force 1 Boot in men's (classic/clean/aiight) and womens (sorta fugly) at Highsnobiety

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