Thursday, May 27, 2010

PRGz "Hood Headlinaz Vol 2: Still Headlinin" Mixtape feat. Fresh Prodeuce

Our friends the PRGz just dropped their new mixtape Hood Headlinaz Vol. 2 - Still Headlinin' - shouts to and TrapsnTrunks for hosting it. Here's the two tracks we produced for their project, plus more info and a download link below for the full mixtape. Enjoy y'all

PRGz - House Party prod. by Fresh Prodeuce by Fresh Prodeuce

DJ Benzi, Chester French, PRGz - Sometimes I Ask Myself prod. by Fresh Prodeuce by Fresh Prodeuce

Hood Headlinaz Volume 2 Still Headlinin Front Cover
TitleHood Headlinaz Volume 2 Still Headlinin
Twitter:PRGz on Twitter
Website:PRGz's Website
Alabama-based crew PRGz (Paper Route Gangstaz) have hooked up with Trapsntrunks and to offer up their latest street album, Hood Headlinaz Vol. 2: Still Headlinin for free streaming and download.

The project features 16 brand new tracks (and one bonus cut) from Dawgy Baggz, Mata, Jhi-Ali and Gunt, including Booth-approved leaks “Keyshia Cole” and “Another Night.”

HH2 comes complete with guest appearances from Chester French, Big P.O.P.E., King Kuma, Mali Boi and more. Beats come courtesy of Block Beattaz, Fresh Prodeuce, Zaytoven, Raw Talent, Kash Kartel, Ben Frank and DJ Benzi.

Download PRGz - Hood Headlinaz Vol. 2 (Still Headlinin) Download Hood Headlinaz Volume 2 Still Headlinin


PRGz - Hood Headlinaz Vol. 2 (Still Headlinin) Tracklist

01. Do You Remember
02. Tip Down
03. Guap
04. Outta Control
05. Keyshia Cole
06. Dirty
07. Good Times
08. Anutha Night
09. Trap Like Mine
10. Sometimes I Ask Myself [prod. Fresh Prodeuce]
11. Gotta Make This Move
12. Learn How 2 Count
13. Erryday
14. I’m Famous
15. Trap Car
16. Keyshia Cole (Kash Remix)
17. House Party [prod. Fresh Prodeuce]**

** Bonus Track

Hood Headlinaz Volume 2 Still Headlinin Back Cover

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fresh Prodeuce - Fly Away 2010 (NEW Instrumental)

The chords and melody for this were written years ago, and honestly y'all might never hear the original version of this because well, I just won't let you lol. Maybe. One day. Probably not actually. Very happy with this updated 2010 joint though

Anyway, without further ado check out the 2.0 version of our Fly Away instrumental here via-Soundcloud. Hit us up at and let us know what you think - who you think this would be good for (if it's you, tell us!), what you're gonna have for lunch tomorrow, whatevas... thanks for the support always guys

Fresh Prodeuce - Fly Away 2010 (Instrumental) by Fresh Prodeuce

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dwele W.orld Coming Soon

my man Dwele is dropping that new dope on 6.29 a week after my birthday. i'm a fan of everything he's released thus far, and you should be too - this one sounds like it's bound to be laced with some classic gritty soul music that comes around once in a blue moon. looking forward to it.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Paper Route Gangstaz "Anutha Night"

HH2 400x400  Paper Route Gangstaz  Anutha Night

A few months back, The Fader published an intriguing photo featuring two-halves of the Paper Route Gangstaz, Mata and Jhi Ali, in the studio. In the photo, the pair appear to be howling in unison like a pair of timberwolves under a frosty moon. It was a great picture. When I saw that shot, I really wondered what was occurring at that moment to send them into such a collaborative and euphoric celebration. But today, I think I’ve figured it out; I’m nearly positive that those two must have been in the midst of constructing the track “Anutha Night” and were jovially gliding on the subversive and happy-go-lucky Shawn Coleman-sample.

“Anutha Night” is the the first release off of the Huntsville, Alabama crew’s forthcoming mixtape Hood Headlinaz Volume 2-Still Headlinin, their first mixtape since the Diplo and Benzi-powered Fear and Loathing in Hunts Vegas.

Personally, I dig it when rappers rewire power-ballads from the ’70’s and ’80’s (see the Diplomats’ “Built this City” & B.O.B.’s “Your Love”), using their visceral momentum to further pound their points across. PRGz’s “Anutha Night” indeed harnesses bold guitar-chords but also chaotically chops them to smithereens to create a microcosm of the grassroots grind PRGz has been exhibiting since past bangers like “Woodgrain” and “Bama Gettin’ Money.”

DOWNLOAD: Paper Route Gangstaz "Another Night"


Friday, May 07, 2010