Friday, May 14, 2010

Paper Route Gangstaz "Anutha Night"

HH2 400x400  Paper Route Gangstaz  Anutha Night

A few months back, The Fader published an intriguing photo featuring two-halves of the Paper Route Gangstaz, Mata and Jhi Ali, in the studio. In the photo, the pair appear to be howling in unison like a pair of timberwolves under a frosty moon. It was a great picture. When I saw that shot, I really wondered what was occurring at that moment to send them into such a collaborative and euphoric celebration. But today, I think I’ve figured it out; I’m nearly positive that those two must have been in the midst of constructing the track “Anutha Night” and were jovially gliding on the subversive and happy-go-lucky Shawn Coleman-sample.

“Anutha Night” is the the first release off of the Huntsville, Alabama crew’s forthcoming mixtape Hood Headlinaz Volume 2-Still Headlinin, their first mixtape since the Diplo and Benzi-powered Fear and Loathing in Hunts Vegas.

Personally, I dig it when rappers rewire power-ballads from the ’70’s and ’80’s (see the Diplomats’ “Built this City” & B.O.B.’s “Your Love”), using their visceral momentum to further pound their points across. PRGz’s “Anutha Night” indeed harnesses bold guitar-chords but also chaotically chops them to smithereens to create a microcosm of the grassroots grind PRGz has been exhibiting since past bangers like “Woodgrain” and “Bama Gettin’ Money.”

DOWNLOAD: Paper Route Gangstaz "Another Night"