Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jessica Biel Naked in Upcoming Movie

well, sorta...

From What Would Tyler Durden Do, hahahaha:

"Powder Blue" is a movie about a random group of people in LA who are brought together by chance on Christmas Eve, but more to the point it's about Jessica Biel playing a stripper. She reportedly will be naked to some degree, not bare ass completely naked but more so than that Natalie Portman or Lindsay Lohan crap we've had to deal with in the past when they played strippers in bikinis and underwear. I don't know where Hollywood got this idea that strippers keep their clothes on.  It would be like if they did a movie about an airline pilot who sits in first class. He’s almost in the cockpit, but not quite. There’s a term for strippers who keep their clothes on: "fired".

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